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    Combining the advanced technology home and abroad,YXVP series motors posses the advantages of wide range of wide range of adjustable speed,little vibration and low noise.The squirrel cage type structure makes it reliable operation and easy maintenance,The independent cooling fan can guarantee the good cooling effect under different speed Running at 5(3)~to50Hz,this series can run smoothly under constant torque,while at 50~100Hz it delivers constant output power.
    Its installations dimensions and power rank conform to IEC standard.The corresponding relation is in identical with Y series motor,which is characterized by good interchangeability and versatility,This series motor adopts F grade insulation,IP44 or IP54 degree of covering protection,IC416 cooling method, continuous duty(S1). For 55kw power and below, the motor are connected in Y,while the above ones are connected in△.
    Its external dimensions and installation dimensions refer to B3 and B5, and the part or flange refers to B5,
    the part of frame refers to B3.
    External dimensions in the table are the maximum size.The actual conditions are subject to real object.

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