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    Company profile:Wuxi ZhuoLi motors Co., LTD is located in the Yangtze river delta, the economic prosperity of wuxi city mountain economic development zone. East Asia Pacific financial center adjacent to Shanghai, nanjing, capital, south west coast by the beautiful scenery of wuxi taihu lake, distance airport only eight kilometers; The beijing-shanghai expressway, shanghai-nanjing expressway, tin chengcheng high-speed and 312 freely meantime,
    Unique geographical position.
    Wuxi ZhuoLi motor Co., LTD, is a collection of all kinds of small and medium-sized motor research and development, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the medium-large enterprise; The company occupies a total of 60 acres, have capacious and bright modern workshop, the momentum of the majestic star-rated hotel office buildings, hotel-style, staff dormitory, production workshop is equipped with high efficiency of automation, semi-automatic production equipment advanced production line, flexibility and first-class computer testing equipment, and has a high quality the staff team.
    The company produced various types YX3, YE3、YXEJ、YCT、YXVP、YL、YHM、YD series single, three-phase motor and other special motor. The company product ErShiJiuGe provinces and cities throughout the country and exported to southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East and other 20 countries and regions.
    The company insists on the principle of "people-oriented" employment concept, for employees to provide wide development space and stage to display talent, warmly welcome sureness, positive enterprising, love hillock opportunities to join us! Is willing with the friends domestic and abroad sincerdly cooperation to create brilliant!

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